Tuition and Enrollment

At Creche we sincerely believe that our children's futures are our greatest investment. When we take the time to teach children to see beyond themselves, we give hope to the future. When we show them the good of the world, we teach them to be the good in this world. That having a positive impact on just one person creates a ripple that can be felt throughout the world and over generations. That's why we believe providing quality, wholesome care and early education in a loving enviroment is so important.  

Comparing Crèche’s Tuition Rates to In-home Care

We recognize the impact of child care on your family’s budget. That’s why we do everything in our power to provide the best value. We take great pride in offering a superior educational program that combines dedicated educators, a carefully created home-like environment, and curriculum that is specifically designed to maximize the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the children in our care. Our teachers have the specific knowledge about and skills in child development and early childhood education to provide positive experiences for children. Creche teachers have the necessary qualifications to meet the highest quality of national accreditation standards, and promote children's positive learning and development.

While our tuition is competitive with other well-known regional and national early childhood education providers, our rates are typically higher than in-home care.

  • Our degree-holding teachers are highly trained and qualified
  • We develop and maintain a specific curriculum for each age group to optimize your child’s education
  • We have stricter licensing and accreditation requirements (building integrity and cleanliness, teacher-to-child ratio, dietary guidelines, curriculum, etc.) that greatly benefit the care and education every child receives
  • We accept multiple forms of payment — for the convenience of our families — and offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing

To learn about the specific tuition rates for programs at Crèche, please contact us at 785-539-7000 or 785-320-7000.