How Young Children Learn

Activities and learning experiences are set up to support ways in which young children seem to learn best: learning by doing, hands-on, trial and error, play, sensory exploration, and having positive role models to watch and imitate. Young children learn best in a child-focused environment where they can explore on their own with activities that interest them; when they are actively engaged in learning and when they have a voice and opportunity to act on ideas and objects in their environment. Different children learn in a variety of ways at different rates. With interactive teacher support, encouragement, and positive attitudes, children can learn at their highest ability. Creche teachers are knowledgeable and stay informed on current research and best practices in the development of young children, and are capable of engaging them intellectually as well as emotionally, physically, and socially. 

Children enrolled at Creche are active builders of knowledge, and are encouraged to be researchers. Many of the classroom educational experiences take the form of projects, using open-ended materials where children have opportunities to actively participate, explore, engineer and ask questions. We place a very strong emphasis on the social development of children as part of a community and their relationships to other children, their families and teachers.