Curriculum as a Process

Creche teachers are not provided a "one size fits all" curriculum book with pre-written lesson plans. Instead, our teachers make observations of all children throughout the daily program and take anecdotal notes about each child’s involvement in activities, focusing on their increasing development. Once our teachers get to know the children within their classroom, they can then plan lessons tailored to the specific needs and interest of the children. Our teachers work hands-on with the children, to make every oppertunity a learning oppertunity. A portfolio is maintained for every child and includes work samples, anecdotal notes, and photos of the child engaged in activities. Throughout the year teachers conduct observational and hands-on assessments from which they combine information from parents, anecdotal records, as well as State and National goals for individual children.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held twice per year, however, parents may also request a conference at any time. To best meet children’s needs, Creche teachers continuously modify their curriculum, daily learning opportunities, program schedules, choice of materials, and teaching approaches.