Jillian - Executive Director of Operations

Jillian originates from Louisburg, KS and graduated from Kansas State University in December 2012 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. During her undergrad, she traveled to China to complete a project on the study of early childhood education practices in other cultures. During her investigation of the East Asian culture, she visited different kindergartens (preschools) in Zhuhai and Guangzhou, studying early childhood programs and creativity. This experience exposed her to a wide variety of preschool offerings as well as numerous new practices, activities, and materials that could be integrated into classrooms in the United States.

Throughout her undergrad at Kansas State, Jillian completed clinical internships within contradistinction early childhood classrooms, which included infant and toddler, two year olds, inclusive preschool, and kindergarten. Prior to graduation, she completed a student teaching internship in a classroom of two year olds. Through her teaching experiences, and while working as a nanny in college, she gained valuable experience that helped prepare her to lead her own classroom. She accepted a Lead infant/toddler teaching position at Creche in January 2013, then in July 2014 was promoted to Director. In September 2015, Jillian co-led the Creche team to receive the prestigious award of NAEYC Accreditation.

Throughout her college and post-collegiate courses; work and educational experiences, Jillian has developed a strong sense of early childhood development, developmentally appropriate practices, effective teachings strategies, classroom management, the importance of environments and room arrangement, and positive relationship and discipline techniques.