Our Meal and Nutrition Plan

Crèche serves four meals per day including breakfast, morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Each meal is prepared to assure quality, freshness, and nutritional value. All foods are family and child-friendly, and prepared fresh, using healthy alternatives.

Meals are served family style so children receive initial portions and can ask for more. Children are encouraged to serve themselves if they are able to do so. Teachers sit at the table with the children during meal times to model proper table manners. All meals begin with a basic non-denominational prayer. Children are encouraged to participate in prayer; however, are never forced to do so.

We follow NAEYC Accreditation and the Department of Early Learning guidelines for developmental stage/age of infant and type of feeding. For example, when a baby can sit without support and begin to chew, we will encourage the baby to begin feeding herself/himself. We work with parents on starting babies on solid or semi-solid foods, and then advancing to regular table food by age one. Parents supply all food and formula/breast milk for children until they reach their first birthday, after which we will work with parents on having children eat with others on our Nutrition Plan.