A Day at Crèche


The children's daily classroom activities are based upon developmentally appropriate practice and focused around the needs and interests of the individual children for class. Lead teachers plan activities based on goals set for the children, post their weekly lesson plans and provide parents with a description of the daily activities.

Children of all ages are provided time for child selected activities where the teachers set up the environment with a variety of learning activities which the child is free to explore and actively learn by doing. As the children progress up to the next age group, teachers gradually add more challenging activities and more circle time and group time activities. All classrooms allow for a variety of both active and quiet play and encourage opportunities to play and learn both alone and with other children.

Curriculum includes language arts, math, computer skills, science, music, dramatic arts, fine arts, physical development activities, health and safety, multicultural activities, field trips (for older classes), and activities designed to encourage and enhance social and emotional development including self-help skills. A balance of child-initiated and teacher initiated activity is provided. The amount of time spent in large group, staff-initiated activity is limited. Outdoor time/education is an important part of our program.

We want children to feel safe, comfortable, happy, and loved. Our teachers keep children involved in activities and encourage independence when they are ready. Teachers strive to handle routines and transitions in a relaxed and individual manner. Diapering for infants and toddlers is done throughout the day as a part of our routine. Children who are toilet trained may go to the bathroom as needed.

Adequate rest is also an important part of our day. Infants sleep according to their own schedules. Children have a happier, more relaxed day when they have time for some rest during the day. While we do require that all children lie down for rest time, we do not require that they go to sleep. We play soft music, talk quietly to them, and lower the lights and rock or pat backs for children as they fall asleep or rest.

Parents are welcome to visit or participate in their children’s classrooms at any time.